Poker PRO Magazine Announces Join Titan Poker’s $10,000 Monthly Bonanza!

On August 29, Titan Poker is hosting a $10,000 free-roll with numerous ways for you to easily qualify.

For more info visit: Poker PRO Magazine

Titan Poker is hosting a $10,000 free-roll each month and it’s easy to qualify. The next tournament takes place on August 29 at 19:30 GMT.

How to qualify for the Monthly Bonanza

1. Generate 750 Titan Points before August 28
2. Make your first deposit to Titan Poker this month
3. Qualify via three different Points satellites (see below)

Poker PRO Magazine

Free subscription for Poker PRO

The $10,000 Monthly Bonanza tournament and all qualifiers can be found in the software under Special Offers -> $10,000 monthly.


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