Poker PRO Magazine – Why Do Winning Poker Players Go Broke?

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Have you ever noticed that near most poker rooms in Las Vegas there is a sports book? These sports books are located near the poker rooms for a very good reason; poker players like to bet on sports. They also like to play casino games and gamble on golf and prop bets and just about anything else you can think of. Casinos don’t get built and thrive on players beating the house. Poker is totally different. It is obvious that the casino makes money off the rake and does not care who wins; this enables the more skillful players to come out ahead. Poker is a game of skill, as we all know, even though there is a luck factor. Bad luck can be overcome by making good decisions in the long run. The same cannot be said of other forms of gambling, with few exceptions. There are a handful of skillful sports bettors and expert blackjack players that have an edge—not a big edge, but an edge. Most bettors, including the vast majority of poker players, do not put in the study necessary to win in these other games. They get a rush off the action—some can’t even watch a game or sporting event on television if they don’t have a bet on it.

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