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In the swiftest conclusion to a UKIPT Main Event ever seen, Alan Gold took his start-of-day chip lead and parlayed it into a win in under four hours. After a heads up deal, he took €187,494 while runner-up Paul Febers received €149,906.

The Full Tilt Poker Last Longer went right down to the wire as Gold, Damian Porebski, and Daragh Davey fought fiercely for the chance to win a sponsorship package including buy-ins and expenses to every remaining stop on the UKIPT Season 4 tour. Gold picked up this extra prize along with his trophy and will be heading to UKIPT London for free in October.

The finishing positions and prizes of the final eight:

1 – Alan Gold, United Kingdom (Full Tilt Poker Qualifier) €187,494
2 – Paul Febers, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier) €149,906
3 – Daragh Davey, Ireland (Full Tilt Poker Qualifier) €80,400
4 – Dimitri Pembroke, Ireland €62,000
5 – Damian Porebski, Poland (Full Tilt Poker Qualifier) €45,300
6 – Benjamin Spragg, United Kingdom (PokerStars Player) €30,210
7 – Christy Morkan, Ireland €22,310
8 – Jonathan Slater, United Kingdom (PokerStars Player) €16,500

Gold used his ever-growing chip advantage to devastating effect and was responsible for eliminating every player from five-handed onwards. Whether he was dominating (as when he had Porebski all-in with A-J vs A-T) or dominated (holding A-T all-in against Dimitri Pembroke’s A-K), the deck favoured Gold. Even without the cards behind him, Gold had by mid-way through the final day built a fortress-like stack that buffered him from his opponents’ good fortune.

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