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The WSOP Main Event has already seen a week of action, so now it is time for players to take a break until they return to the November Nine final table this November. It makes for the sweatiest months of the year for players, not knowing if they will walk away with just below one million, or two million, or maybe even over eight million dollars.
With such big payouts to be won, everyone at the final table will be working on their strategy. David Benfield may be sitting in last place with 6,375,000 chips, but he entered into Day 7 in 27th place out of 27 players, and has managed to scrape along the bottom for a while. If he continues to play this way and manages to accumulate some chips or get an early double-up, then it would be impossible to not consider him as in contention for the Main Event bracelet.
Looking at the rest of the final table, there are a few players with almost no live tournament experience. For instance, the combined live tournament winnings between both Jay Farber and Sylvain Loosli amount up to less than $6,000. This definitely makes the two both underdogs going into the final table, but with Jay Farber holding 25,975,000 chips in 4th place, he definitely holds a chance to make a run for the title.
The rest of the field all have a fair amount of live tournament experience, but nothing significant enough to mark them as pros. Their live tournament winnings mostly range from $500,000 to $2 million. The only exception to this is JC Tran. With his guaranteed final table appearance, he has now secured a total lifetime live tournament winnings amounting up to more than $9 million. He has also had many online poker successes, such as in 2006 when he took down the WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars.
JC Tran also enters into the November Nine final table with the chip lead, with a staggering 38,000,000 chips. This puts him in a dominant position over the rest of the field. He holds 19.9% of the chips on the table and has an 8,300,000 chip lead over Amir Lehavot in second place. Even though he is surely the odds-on favorite entering into the final table this November, anything can happen in the matter of one final table and close attention must be put on all the players at the table.
To get a better idea on how action will start out, take a look below at the current chip counts for the 2013 WSOP Main Event November Nine final table:
1. JC Tran – 38,000,000
2. Amir Lehavot – 29,700,000
3. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin – 26,525,000
4. Jay Farber – 25,975,000
5. Ryan Riess – 25,875,000
6. Sylvain Loosli – 19,600,000
7. Michiel Brummelhuis – 11,275,000
8. Mark Newhouse – 7,350,000
9. David Benefield – 6,375,000


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