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(v). To raise to 2 bets.

(v). To reraise after a player has already raised to 2 bets. (“Mike raised and I 3-betted it”).

4th street
(phrase). In Hold Em or Stud, the fourth card dealt to a player (in Hold Em this would be the turn card).

5th street
(phrase). In Hold Em or Stud, the fifth card dealt to a player (in Hold Em this would be the river card).

(n). One’s best game. (“I played my A-Game and still lost”).

(abbrev). Atlantic City.

(n). A hand with an Ace but no flush, straight or pairs.

(n). 1. Any fold, bet, call, or raise. 2. A lot of loose playing.

(n). A final opportunity to add more chips in a re-buy tournament. This is different from a re-buy because it can only be done at a specific time and it also signifies the end of the rebuy period.

(v). To make a deliberate play which is seen by other players for the purpose of creating a certain image as a player. This technique is usually used by making a bluff with the intention of being viewed as a loose player.

(adj). To play by betting and raising often.

(adj). To be winning a hand at a specific point in time. (“I was ahead on the turn before he hit the flush on the river”).

(adj). Wagering all your chips/money on at once.

all-in protection
(n). Online. When you cannot act in time you are put all-in for the hand. The software is “protecting” your hand form being folded instead.

American Airlines
(n). A pocket pair of Aces.

(v). An unethical, but legal, way of getting an edge in a game.

(n). A forced bet put in by all the players before the start of the hand.

(abbrev). Add-on.

(v). Online. To have the software automatically fold your hand at the showdown if it isn’t a winner.

(v). Online. To have the software automatically post your blind so it doesn’t have to ask you each time.

(adj). “Brick and Mortar”. This refers to a poker game in a casino, as opposed to online.

baby flush
(adj). A flush made with a low card.

back into
(v). To hit a hand you didn’t intend to (“I was on a flush draw but I backed into a straight”).

(v). To limp and reraise another players raise with the hope you drive other players out who only have 1 bet in.

(adj). To hit both the turn and the river to make your hand.

bad beat
(n). When a good hand is beaten by a hand that gets lucky.

bad beat jackpot
(n). A bonus amount that poker rooms give you if you have a very strong hand beaten by an even stronger hand. This usually means you need four-of-a-kind beaten by a higher hand and you need to use both your hole cards.

(n). The amount of money a player has to bet.

(abbrev). Big Blind.

(abbrev). “Big bets per hour”. This is used to measure a player’s winnings in terms of big bets over a specified amount of time.

(n). An inside straight draw.

best of it
(phrase). An edge. (“I had a 59% chance of winning so I had the best of it”.)

(v). To place money in the pot.

bet for value
(phrase). To bet to get more money in the pot and not to get other people to fold.

bet into
(v). To bet before a stronger hand has a chance to bet. (“He raised me on the flop but I bet into him on the turn”).

bet out
(v). To open the pot with a bet even though you have the opportunity to check.

bet out of turn
(phrase). To bet when it is not your turn to bet.

bet the pot
(phrase). To bet an amount equal to the amount currently in the pot.big blind
(n). A forced bet equal to the small bet. This is a live bet, which means you have the opportunity to check or raise when the action gets around to you.

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