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Most people assume a decent poker player may be a winning poker player and contrariwise.
I don’t assume this is often right, however differentiating between them may be a bit difficult – perhaps quite you’re thinking that.
A “winning” player is one United Nations agency, over enough time and a decent variety of hands for the info to be statistically reliable, takes more cash off the table than he puts thereon.
“Good” is trickier. you’ll be able to be a decent player while not being a winning player. I know, that feels a trifle weird. It isn’t.
How to Be smart
A couple of weeks back I did a trifle pop psychological science riff on Zen. we tend to mused on the affectional parts of the sport, probing for ways that to keep up emotional equilibrium in spite of what was happening.
In essence, we tend to were watching ways that to become a “good” player. If this additionally created you into a “winning” player, that will be cool, however it isn’t necessary and positively not secure.
Indeed, deciding what makes a “good” player is not easy. For starters, smart poker players make merry, and they’d higher – as a result of they are nearly actually progressing to lose.
Very few embark ahead over the long run, owing to differing ability levels and/or the house rake, the “vig.”
Many (most?) players do not quite grasp the role the vig plays in low-stakes games wherever the overwhelming majority of players square measure found.
In a $2/$4 limit game, the standard most rake is from an affordable $3 to a crushing $5, and i have seen $6!
Add the dealer’s tip and therefore the dangerous beat jackpot takeout that players have a preternatural (and unfortunate) feeling for, and up to 2BBs get sliced out of every sizable pot.
This rake is basically not possible to beat.
So, whereas it would be nice to be a winning player, the reality is that the majority of you will not be. therefore do not sweat it.


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